Phenomenal Therapist

Suzanne is a phenomenal therapist. She is a lovely person and has helped my family and I for years. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking mental heath help, she has changed my life for the better. I look forward to each session and am enjoying partaking in biofeedback sessions as well.

Newborn Confidence

I have used Suzanne’s services for both my daughter (who is 8) and my son (when he was 10).  As a TDSB teacher, I was really comforted to know that she had experience with children and I could see an instant connection.  After about 6 sessions of neurofeedback (along with some sessions with Suzanne),my son’s OCD symptoms were virtually undetectable.  He is now 13 and well adjusted. He still references strategies that he learned in his sessions.  My 8 year old recently did about 6 sessions of neurofeedback following some acute anxiety.  She has now resumed her regular extracurricular activities and her separation anxiety is no longer there. I can confidently say that neurofeedback changed both of my children’s lives.  Suzanne’s strategies were the icing on the cake, since we now have the ability to communicate about things as they come up and since my children feel confident that they have the skills that they need to navigate difficult moments.

My Life is Better

It is a blessing to have found Suzanne and neurofeedback. My life is better for it. Suzanne’s expertise has helped me cope through these Covid times and through life in general.

Mental Relief and Spaciousness

If you are trying to recover from Trauma or grief, NeurOptimal may be your best option. After trying many, many techniques and modalities, NeurOptimal had the biggest impact on me. It helped to reset my brain and soften my PTSD reactions as well as the deep grief. My neural pathways were so ingrained with trauma that nothing else seemed to make any lasting change, whereas a month of renting the machine (and doing 2 sessions on most days) I finally felt some relief and spaciousness in my mind. And with a quieter mind, my emotions eased up and I was able to reestablish some peace. The reset has helped me tremendously. If I could go back in time, I would have started with the NeurOptimal before everything else.

Game Changer

Suzanne is where my lifelong trauma journey profoundly shifted, specifically after trying neurofeedback training. Absolute game changer for me. Suzanne is calm, compassionate, and has a gift for assisting the traumatized population. She makes you feel less “alien”, which is hard to do for those with developmental trauma and various attachment disorders. Thank you again for putting me onto this fascinating and personally pivotal modality known as neurofeedback training!


Thanks to neurofeedback, the monkey in my brain has been finally tamed, creating space and stillness to embark on a profound healing journey. EMDR has allowed me to heal wounds of the past and break down limiting beliefs one by one, to step into my true power. Thanks to Suzanne’s kind, steady and empathetic guidance along the way, I have opened a new chapter in my life that allows me to expand exponentially with love and light. With eternal gratitude to Suzanne for showing me the way.

An Excellent Tool

I worked with Suzanne to complete a series of Neurofeedback sessions using an at home device. Suzanne was extremely helpful, kind, compassionate and supportive throughout the entire process. She always checked in to see how I was doing and I really appreciated that. I am very happy with my results from Neurofeedback. I noticed incredibly deeper sleeps, the sessions brought on a sense of calmness. Overall I felt less emotionally reactive to things. I was able to process through some of my past hurdles that I felt were holding me back. All in all I think Neurofeedback is an excellent tool. It simply helps you to function at your best. I will be completing follow up sessions as part of Suzanne’s maintenance program.

A Healthier Version of Myself

Here is how neurofeedback has impacted my life. My fear was so debilitating that l could not go to the end of my driveway, go into the shower, work, be with myself or be alone. Now fast forward to 2020, l feel like a whole new person, with dreams, hopes and freedom. Neurofeedback has helped me get back a better and healthier version of myself. I still love to come in and see Suzanne and do neurofeedback as well as my children, and have referred Suzanne to many of my friends. I am so grateful for Suzanne, her amazing counselling (Talk Therapy,) EMDR and for Neurofeedback .💜🙏