Rent a System

Rent a system with no commitment before deciding on whether to buy. Enjoy neurofeedback from home, the office or cottage.

Why Rent from Us?

Easy to Use

The NeurOptimal® system is fully automated and does not require certification to use.

More Economical

Renting is much more economical in terms of cost per session than single sessions.

Family Benefits

Your family can use the NeurOptimal® system and get a feel for how it works.

Steps to Renting

Contact Suzanne via her email

Fill out a rental form that you can obtain through Suzanne.

If all the systems are being rented, you will be put on a waitlist and contacted once the system is returned. Otherwise, you can pick up the system for our office on O’Connor Drive or have it shipped to your doorstep (only applicable to Canadians).



4 Weeks

25 Sessions


Ideal for those doing up to 6 sessions per week.

$800 plus HST


4 Weeks

Unlimited Sessions

$1,000 flat rate

Ideal for renters who are training multiple people.

$1,000 plus HST