Neurofeedback for Depression

Are you struggling with feeling excited about life?

Do the things that once made you feel warm and fuzzy inside now make you feel sad and dull?

Depressive symptoms can make you feel isolated, blue and directionless. While you may feel stuck, it’s possible to return to a state of balance and neutrality toward life. You’re not broken or a lost cause. You’re a human with struggles, and life feels hard right now.

If you suffer from depression, NeurOptimal® can help to lift you out of the dark abyss you’re living in. It can allow you to find joy again (even if it’s in the little things!)

Pairing neurofeedback with therapy is an excellent option to get the most out of your training. In fact, sometimes neurofeedback is a stepping stone to therapy. Other times, therapy isn’t necessary at all because you simply feel better.

Why Neurofeedback for Depression?

Since neurofeedback is a non-invasive form of brain training, the user does not have to relive their trauma. While things can get worse before they get better, brain training has a successful track record of alleviating the symptoms of depression in clients.

Working with Suzanne was life changing. Not only is she kind and accommodating, but highly talented in both EMDR and neurofeedback therapy. My experience with neurofeedback therapy was profound. After only a few sessions life felt lighter, happier, easier. Things that were once stressful were put into perspective and suddenly became more manageable and secondary to happy thoughts. I highly, highly recommend working with Suzanne.

Try NeurOptimal® to help your symptoms.