Are you tired of being weighed down by the toll of anxiety?

Do you feel watched wherever you go?

Does the idea of going to a dinner party sound excruciating?

Neurofeedback for Anxiety

Are you tired of grappling with recurring thoughts and fears of the future? We offer neurofeedback for anxiety. Individuals with anxiety often find themselves trapped in a perpetual state of heightened alertness, courtesy of an overactive amygdala. Extended periods of this heightened state can burden an individual with unnecessary emotional baggage.

The persistence of anxiety can create a curious temporal distortion, wherein one feels tethered to moments from the past, despite the absence of a tangible timeframe. Although the conscious mind may recognize the present safety, the body continues to react as if the perceived threat is imminent, fostering a dissonance between cognitive awareness and physiological response.

In such instances, NeurOptimal®, a revolutionary neurofeedback system, emerges as a beacon of hope. Tailored to address various forms of anxiety, ranging from generalized unease to social anxiety, NeurOptimal® serves as a catalyst for transformative change. By calming the central nervous system, NeurOptimal® guides individuals away from the clutches of perpetual fight-or-flight.

The nuanced recalibration facilitated by NeurOptimal® contributes to a natural reduction in anxiety levels. As the central nervous system finds a harmonious balance, individuals experience a profound shift, shedding the unnecessary weight of anxiety. The transition from heightened vigilance to a more serene state allows individuals to reclaim agency over their emotional well-being.

In essence, NeurOptimal® serves as a powerful ally in the journey towards mitigating anxiety, offering a holistic approach that transcends mere symptom management. By harmonizing the intricate dance between mind and body, NeurOptimal® empowers individuals to navigate the present with a newfound tranquility, unburdened by the shadows of an overactive past.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can help with anxiety symptoms such as:

  • Feeling watched
  • Nervousness
  • Self-consciousness
  • Restlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches
  • Worrying
  • Increased heart rate
  • Stuttering
  • Difficulty making eye contact

I had an amazing experience with the NeurOptimal system, it was easy to use, the music was so relaxing, and since I’ve completed the program my anxiety has significantly reduced and I have less intrusive thoughts and triggers. Suzanne was also incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and offered support throughout. I highly recommend!