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Neurofeedback and Sport Performance

Kirk Cousins, a football player for the Minnesota Vikings and novel Netflix star, has recently divulged his secret recipe to being a high-performing NFL athlete. In the documentary Quarterback, the second most watched show on Netflix currently, Cousins shared that neurofeedback has afforded him a cognitive edge on the football field. He claims that his mental flexibility and astuteness have both increased due to neurofeedback.

Cousins currently ranks 42 out of 100 for the NFL Top 100. He ranks sixth all-time in completion percentage, the number of passes he successively made on the football field versus how many were attempted. Moreover, Kirk is ranked eighth for his career passer rating, a measure of passing performance.

High-profile athletes like Kirk aren’t the sole beneficiaries of neurofeedback. Brain training can help anyone to improve their physical stamina and decision-making acuity. Whether you’re a mother or a war veteran, there is no limit to who can benefit. Everyone deserves to be their best self.

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