Are you feeling anxious about your new chapter?

Do you suffer with baby brain?

Is sleep deprivation causing you fatigue?

Neurofeedback and Pregnancy

One might ponder, “How do neurofeedback and pregnancy work together?” Rest assured, neurofeedback stands as an entirely secure and advantageous practice for expectant mothers. Its inherent calming effects serve to assist pregnant women in traversing the various stages of their gestation with grace and tranquility. Read the FAQs here.

Establishing Calm

Pregnancy is an emotional experience. You may encounter a surge of excitement for the upcoming milestone and simultaneously fear potential mishaps. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback adeptly soothes the central nervous system (CNS), ushering the user into a serene state of rest-and-digest. This, in turn, enhances the well-being of both the mother and her offspring.


Being truly present becomes challenging when one’s mind incessantly fixates on the past or future. Through the harmonious resonance of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback with the parasympathetic nervous system, mothers can cultivate a heightened sense of presence during pregnancy, fostering a profound and deeper connection with their unborn child.


Neurofeedback has the transformative capacity to forge novel neural pathways, enabling mothers to navigate through typical pregnancy concerns with increased resilience. This heightened resilience not only contributes to the maternal well-being but also extends its positive effects to the offspring, both during pregnancy and post-birth. As Alphas, mothers set the tone for their Betas (babies), imparting valuable guidance on responding to the environment and external challenges. A mother’s ability to exemplify healthy coping mechanisms cultivates an environment where the baby learns that safety and non-threat are fundamental attributes of their surroundings.

Practicing Self-Care

Consistently engaging in self-care not only profoundly benefits the mother’s well-being but also significantly shapes a child’s conduct, influenced by the parent’s adeptness in stress regulation and self-soothing. Dedication to self-care fosters more profound connections and elevates the overall quality of life for both individuals involved.