Are you feeling anxious about your new chapter?

Do you suffer with baby brain?

Is sleep deprivation causing you fatigue?

Neurofeedback and Pregnancy

You may be wondering, “Is NeurOptimal® safe for pregnant women?” Yes, neurofeedback is completely safe and beneficial for pregnant women. With its soothing effects, neurofeedback can help pregnant woman to move through their pregnancy seamlessly.

Establishing Calm

There are many emotions surrounding pregnancy. A surge of excitement for the upcoming milestone may arise, as well as worry for all that could go wrong during and after pregnancy. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback helps to establish a sense of calm in the central nervous system. This allows the user to settle into a state of rest-and-digest, therefore, contributing to the health of the mother and her offspring.


It is difficult to be present when your brain is constantly wired to fixate on the past or future. By tuning into the parasympathetic nervous system with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, the mother can be more present during her pregnancy and connect with the baby on a deeper level.


Neurofeedback can create new neural pathways to resile through normal pregnancy concerns. A greater amount of resilience will contribute to a healthier mother. Furthermore, her offspring will feel these effects throughout the pregnancy and after birth. Betas (the baby) look up to Alphas (the mother) for guidance about how to respond to their environment and external threats. If the mother is always in a state of fight-or-flight, the baby will become attuned to the same frequency. If the mother exemplifies healthy ways of coping with stressors, on the other hand, the baby will learn that their environment is safe and nonthreatening.

Practicing Self-Care

It is not only immensely helpful to the mother’s health to regularly practice self-care. A child’s actions are largely influenced by their parent’s ability to regulate stress and self-soothe. Setting time away for self-care will create more meaningful connections and an overall better quality of life for both parties.