Systems can be shipped nationwide from Toronto to your doorstep.

Why Buy a NeurOptimal® System?

You can do sessions at any location at any time that you desire. Your friends and family can also benefit by doing any number of sessions.

Easy to Use: NeurOptimal® is the easiest and fully automated neurofeedback system available.

Family Benefits: Get more value for your money by purchasing a system that the whole family can take advantage of.

Value For Your Money: We offer the best prices in the industry and have exceptional ongoing customer service.

Who Buys from Us?

Buy a neurofeedback system that caters to a diverse clientele, including parents, medical professionals, athletes, performing artists, health-conscious individuals, and the general public. NeurOptimal® has cultivated and sustains a global community united in their commitment to self-improvement, fostering a network dedicated to personal growth and well-being.

Medical Professionals: Therapists, wellness centres and various other medical professionals can benefit their clients by offering NeurOptimal®.

War Veterans: NeurOptimal® can help war veterans to cope with PTSD after returning home from a war zone.

Athletes: Athletes can improve mental stamina and physical performance via regular use of NeurOptimal® training.

The Health-Conscious: NeurOptimal® is an excellent way to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

Parents: Parents can benefit themselves and their children long-term by purchasing NeurOptimal®.

Performing Artists: Performing artists can achieve a competitive edge by using NeurOptimal®.

Golfing and NeurOptimal®

A number of competitive sports such as golf, basketball and baseball require being focused and “in the zone”. One micro adjustment could make the difference between a championship and a loss. Several golf organizations as well as trainers and individual golfers of both amateur and professional level have used NeurOptimal® brain training as a means of achieving a mental competitive edge.


Inquire to learn about the pricing options for purchasing a NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system. Financing options are available.