Systems can be shipped nationwide from Toronto to your doorstep.

Why Purchase a NeurOptimal® System?

You can do sessions at any location at any time that you desire. Your friends and family can also benefit by doing any number of sessions.

Easy to Use: NeurOptimal® is the easiest and fully automated neurofeedback system available.

Family Benefits: Get more value for your money by purchasing a system that the whole family can take advantage of.

Value For Your Money: We offer the best prices in the industry and have exceptional ongoing customer service.

Who Buys from Us?

People from all walks of life buy from us such as parents, medical professionals, athletes, performing artists, health-conscious individuals and the general public. NeurOptimal® has created and continues to create a close-knit community globally.

Medical Professionals: Therapists, wellness centres and various other medical professionals can benefit their clients by offering NeurOptimal®.

War Veterans: NeurOptimal® can help war veterans to cope with PTSD after returning home from a war zone.

Athletes: Athletes can improve mental stamina and physical performance via regular use of NeurOptimal® training.

The Health-Conscious: NeurOptimal® is an excellent way to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

Parents: Parents can benefit themselves and their children long-term by purchasing NeurOptimal®.

Performing Artists: Performing artists can achieve a competitive edge by using NeurOptimal®.

Golfing and NeurOptimal®

A number of competitive sports such as golf, basketball and baseball require being focused and “in the zone”. One micro adjustment could make the difference between a championship and a loss. Several golf organizations as well as trainers and individual golfers of both amateur and professional level have used NeurOptimal® brain training as a means of achieving a mental competitive edge.


Inquire to learn about the pricing options for purchasing a NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system. Financing options are available.