Meet Suzanne and Sam

Suzanne Wiseman – Registered Psychotherapist, EMDR Practitioner and Clinical Hypnosis Trainee

When I first heard about NeurOptimal®, my initial thought was “if I can make that kind of difference in peoples’ lives, how can I not do it? Isn’t this why I am a psychotherapist?”

When I first acquired it, my father, who had been ill for quite some time, was nearing his end. I spent the next 4 months with him as much as I could. I was also the only one using my new system. As I had never lost a parent before, I can’t compare. What I can say is that the Neurofeedback helped me through a tremendous loss, and a very difficult time.

It continues to help me be a better therapist; I also feel clearer, more balanced, and full of positive energy. And yes, it makes a difference in my personal life too.

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Samuel Wiseman – Neurofeedback Assistant

I was skeptical about NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback but once I started doing sessions I noticed a tremendous difference. Since then, I have lost track of the number of sessions I have done. Whether it’s improving on the basketball court, my personal life or business endeavours, NeurOptimal® helps me stay sharp.